Weight Loss Resistance

Do you ever come across that time when you don’t feel like carrying on with your diet? If you have, then you are not alone in this as many people who begin with their diet do face such resistance. For some people, even after doing regular exercise and eating the right foods they still seem to be facing difficulty in losing weight. The reason for this is a combination of many factors.

One reason could be that you are yourself resisting to weight loss. A lot of people have been studying about weight loss resistance because obesity or being overweight has numerous variables. Your obesity may be impacted by your genes, but that alone isn’t the only reason. Environmental issues and diet trends change with time, and that can affect your resistance to weight loss.

In older times when food was scarce, people learned to adapt that environment. Their bodies had to be fuel efficient in a way that even with less food, they could function properly. Nowadays, however, there is a lot of cheap food available which is high in calories and carbs, and the consumption of that food has led to the issue of obesity and weight loss resistance.

Eating less or eliminating some food items from your diet will not be enough to work on that weight. In fact, most of the diets that people normally do may bring temporary results, but in the long run, it comes back to the same old shape, or worse might actually increase your weight. The diet that your friends might be praising may not be good for you because the genetics are different. The variability of environment and people will not be accurately addressed in diets by just eliminating or adding one or two macro nutrients. The genetic variants must be closely analyzed and studied to see how nutrients like fats and carbohydrates must be distributed.

When you are on a diet, every week there is a difference in your body weight. Some people lose weight fast whereas for some it takes some time. Whatever the case may be the changes in weight leads to a changing metabolic rate, and that will affect your calorie requirement as well. You should get yourself checked every now and then to know how much calories you should consume.

Another factor in your weight loss resistance is your gut micro biome. The bacterium that lives in your gastrointestinal tract is certainly playing an important role in you getting obese. These microbes are extremely important because of the reason that they help in burning the fats and other nutrients to generate energy. The ratios of these bacteria will be different for every person and therefore will affect how much calories we consume from the food that we eat. The solution to all this is to eat fiber rich foods, more plant based diet, foods that promote beneficial gut micro biome and to avoid extreme forms of dieting. Extreme dieting will do more harm than good.

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